Sage Pastel

Sage Evolution

Sage Evolution delivers an entirely new dimension in business management software, taking your business way beyond the traditional realms of accounting software.

About Software Concepts

Software Concepts Ltd was founded in 1994 with the objective of helping SME’s use IT as a competitive edge. Being the Sage Pastel Titanium Business Partner, we have been involved in the Sage Pastel business in Mauritius during the last 19 years. In fact, we have introduced the product on the island and today we are proud to say that Sage Pastel is a brand name in Mauritius. We have a team of 25 employees to look after implementation, training & support. Our involvement & commitment towards the brand includes development of add on modules as per specific industry requirement to cater for vertical market integration.

Today Sage Pastel products are the de facto solutions for SME’s and larger companies.  We have successfully implemented our Sage Pastel Solutions (ERP, Accounting, Payroll, CRM..) in more than 1,000 companies in Mauritius, Rodrigues, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Mozambique, Morocco and Seychelles. We have customers in the following sectors: Accountants, Construction, Distribution, Education, Government, Information & Communication Technology, Manufacturing, Offshore, Parastatal Bodies, Retail and Services.

Our success is the result of our willingness to establish a “customer-for-life” attitude which put the customer’s needs and long-term relationship before any personal short-term gain.

Corporate Mission

Our mission at Software Concepts is to enhance our services by providing innovative Accounting and Business Solutions through innovation, change and operational excellence. To realize our mission, we have built a firm that dedicates all its resources to our best selling products namely Sage Evolution and seeks people who take initiative and want to have impact.

Implementing Accounting and Business Solutions in Companies requires an intensified focus on quality, project management to deliver results at the highest standards. After more than 20 years of experience in business, our services are perfected and matured. We are actually ranked among the top 10 Sage Pastel Business Partner worldwide.

Our aspiration as an organization is to help people in managing their Business and controlling their Finance.

Corporate Vision

Software Concepts:

  • Stability
  • Competency
  • Affordability

Our vision is straight and to the point. We want to accompany our clients to success.

Corporate Culture

To align our people with the mission and vision of Software Concepts, we emphasize on three key values:

  • Strive for Operational Excellence

We aimed at finding innovative viable solutions. In doing so, the clients’ interest is always our first priority.

  • Deliver and Keep Our Promises

It is not only about deadlines, but also about quality. Our company is able to provide both and can be relied upon to get things done in an efficient and pragmatic way. We want to have lasting and measurable impact within time, budget and scope of our clients’ projects.

  • Care about People

We enjoy competition and perform as a non-hierarchical team. Thus, the necessity of strong and lasting relationships with our clients and colleagues is indispensable.

Focus on People

By providing an exciting and diverse working environment, we approach talents to work in our team. This commitment is reflected in our people mission

We build a company that challenges top-performers and attracts high potentials with its open-minded environment. We are people who take initiative and want to have impact.

Moreover, we support diversity in work styles and personal development whilst combining true team environment with a highly interesting industry.

Value Proposition

We are only successful if our clients are innovative and successful and measurable impact delivered within time and budget.