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Sage Evolution

Sage Evolution delivers an entirely new dimension in business management software, taking your business way beyond the traditional realms of accounting software.

Industry Focus Solution

Sage Pastel Evolution being an off-the-shelf Accounting & ERP application will meet most of your business requirements and we take care of the rest to give you a full-fledged integrated solution. At Software Concepts we pride ourselves on being experts on Sage Pastel products to design and develop add on modules and writing interfaces with 3rd party products. Our customized add on modules are based on your working practices, your business processes and your type of business activity.

Specialized add on modules increase efficiency within your business by performing iterative or tedious operations that may be time consuming and a drain on human resource.

The Duty Free Sales & Change solution cater for any retail shops, where payment received and change given can be done in multiple currencies. It also includes powerful customized reports for sales and end of day till cash up Features
The Offline Data Transfer module is a solution which enables the automatic creation of Inventory Master Files, Price Lists, Item Packs and Groups between Head Office and Branches via e-mail.
The Timesheet Add-on system enables the capture of timesheets per employee on a monthly. It allows the creation, editing and deletion of jobs to be performed by employees.
The Project Tracking and Job Costing Module aims at enhancing the use of Projects provided in Sage Evolution. It allows the creation, editing and deletion of projects and sub projects in Sage Evolution.
The Documents Import Interface has been created as a bridge between existing programs with Sage Evolution. Invoices, Credit Notes, Return to Supplier and Goods Received Vouchers are exported from other programs into an excel sheet under a specific format which will be picked up by the Interface for importatio
Enables creation of report based on completed allocations in Sage Pastel Evolution 
A system designed to be used in industries where collection of leaves/items are tallied and weighted. Options include the possibility of defining payment terms which are automatically sent to Sage Pastel Evolution.
Imports GL journal files to Sage Pastel Evolution, then generate a Trial Balance which is exported to a specific folder and sent via e-mail to a configured e-mail address.
Used to manage stock of goods per warehouse and plan delivery based on sales forecasts
Allows the creation of additional report categories in Sage Pastel Evolution Accounts instead of using User Defined Fields. Values can be attached to each report category level. This enables the generation of multi level reports in BIC.
The SFT POS is here to make your life much easier…No more hassle to control your sales & stock in your shops.Reduced waiting time for your customers at the sales counter, increased customer satisfaction and timely information for decision making are few reasons why you should consider this module.
The Multicurrency Invoicing module is a system which enables the invoicing of Freight charges based on the General Ledger Items in Sage Evolution. At process time, the Multicurrency Freight Invoicing System sends the freight details to Sage Evolution’s Accounts Receivable Standard batch for allocation processing.
From order taking , checking out bills, splitting bills to having accurate food cost per order together with tight control over items used has never been made so easy for a restaurant or retail outlet . The SFT Resto module which integrates seamlessly with Sage Evolution ERP is the ideal solution for you!!!
Managing construction projects has been made so easy now. Controlling your costs within budget and purchase order approval is key to avoid over consumption. The BOQ & Procurement Module has been developed for the construction industry to assist in implementing closer cost control over project.
The Sub-Contractor and Certificate Management system is designed to provide the ability of generating certificates and ensure tighter control of works done by sub-contractors.
It is mostly used by manufacturing companies. The main function of this module is the calculation of raw materials required for each & every confirmed order. It can automatically reserve the required raw materials and generates a list of non available raw materials that need to be purchased. It gives a cost & profitability report for each order or for each item on a specific order if combined with the project tracking module.  
Apportionment of cost by project or department has never been made so easy in Sage Evolution. This add-on module has been developed to help companies to be more efficient in automatically apportioning total cost of supplier invoices across several projects/ departments based on a set of predefined percentages.